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Welcome Epsilon to VPG

Welcome Epsilon to VPG

Welcome Epsilon to VPG

We are proud to announce that EPSILON have joined the VPG.

The most recognised Manager to date in the 11v11 esport, ‘Charlie Murphy’ the Olympia FC Manager, has now agreed to become the Manager of the 11v11 esports team for EPSILON.

They are known for their lightning quick passes, great tactics and amazing team work. Now they represent Epsilon.

Follow Epsilon on twitter, and check out the announcement.


The manager of Epsilon Charlie Murphy says “After a few months of forming, we have decided to join forces with @Epsilon_eSports to represent them in 11v11 pro clubs. We have had many offers in the past and have decided that Epsilon are the best organisation for us”

for more Info follow them on twitter and get involved in some 11v11 action.

Posted by Arron Dellosa