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Three Professional Teams

Three Professional Teams

Three Professional Teams

We are proud to announce, Fleetwood will be joining along side Queens Park Rangers and Port Vale, by creating there own Esports team. Taking part in online competitive matches in the VPG. Games will be played Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9pm GMT.

Fleetwood Town Esports will be streaming all games to the official Fleetwood Town Youtube Channel.

Fleetwood Town are now the third English club to enter the esports scene. They choose the 11v11 approach as it involves Fan Interaction, and excitement around the world.

Lets take a look at all announcements from Port Vale, Fleetwood Town and Queens Park Rangers.

Fleetwood Town

Queens Park Rangers 

Port Vale FC

The 11v11 esports market is growing massively with many clubs getting involved. The Founder of Virtual Pro Gaming says: “ I am very excited to see Fleetwood Town enter esports. Soon we will have many clubs around the world taking part in our leagues.”

If you want to trial for any of the following Esports teams, Contact them on there social pages.

Virtual Pro Gaming 


Posted by Arron Dellosa