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Esport Betting

Esport Betting

Esport Betting

How to Make Money on eSport Betting


The global eSports industry is now worth a staggering $1 billion in the US alone, and is set to grow even more next year as it remains on track to be one of the most popular sectors of the gaming industry to date. Whether you're a loyal fan betting on your favourite hometown team or a strategic punter looking to spread your bets across multiple games, teams and platforms as part of a sustained strategy, all of us want to make a little money out of it.

Esports has had a meteoric rise from very humble beginnings, having been a niche hobby industry only a few years ago, to now being an international phenomenon with millions of players and spectators worldwide. The recently planned championship between two national e-football teams, France and Belgium, is a testament to just how huge eSports has become. Like all other kinds of sport, there has also developed a thriving betting industry around various different kinds of eSports, with betting sites, bookies, playbooks and entire forums full of punters discussing strategy now existing.

Just like fans betting on their favoured physical football teams, people now flock in droves to be on e-teams like Oxford United and Port Vale. In the same way as physical sports, there are some tips and strategies which can increase your chances of a successful bet and a big payout. Here's your guide on how to make money on eSports betting.

Bet with the Right Bookies

Not all bookies are created equal, and some will offer better odds, tips and vital information about different eSports than others. There might also be bookmakers that have the right info and betting options for the specific games and teams you're planning on betting on, so make sure to find the right people. All bookies, or sportsbooks, have vastly different styles that allow you to place different bets in different ways, so make sure to consult a detailed sports betting guide before you even consider making a wager. Keep an eye out for books with good reputations, that are known to pay out on time and every time, and avoid anywhere with lots of reviews from angry punters still waiting for their money. Make sure wherever you pick has good margins, as this will equate to high payouts.

Compare Your Odds

As mentioned, different places have different odds. The key to putting together a profitable eSports betting strategy is having all of your odds for what you want to bet on out on the table in front of you, and making an informed decision based on that. This is helpful if you're looking at a game or team which has vastly varying odds on different bookmaker sites, as that will tell you how safe your bet is. If the odds for a wager are pretty consistent everywhere you look, then even better as you can begin your betting with a pretty solid consensus of which players and teams are likely to be big winners or not.

Do Some Digging

A savvy punter does their research. Luckily, the eSports world is filled with die-hard fans and followers who participate in dedicated online forums regularly, debating the latest odds and offering hot tips on who they believe is likely to clean up at the next eSports tournament. This same also applies to the comments sections of popular eSport blog sites (such as this one!), as the people commenting will be seasoned spectators or even players who are likely to have just as much knowledge about the industry as even the most veteran bookmaker. 

Betting Logically

A good gambler will always tell you, bet with your head, not your heart. Just because you've followed a player or team for a long time, or are friends with one of the players, doesn't mean you should be betting on them for the sake of it. The same goes for teams that you have a feeling will be lucky (although a good luck wildcard bet is always a fun and sometimes lucrative thing to do). Follow the odds, follow the information, and follow the experts if you want to have a strategy that is likely to be profitable. You should also inform your betting decisions by looking closely at the play history of any team you're considering betting on, to see if you could be on track for a major payout. 

Spreading Your Bets

In the same way that you would with Premier League Football betting, make sure to spread it out. Don't pile it all onto one team in the hopes of getting a mega win. Spread your bets logically across a wide variety of different teams, players and tournaments, and you're more likely to accumulate some healthy winnings gradually, rather than blowing it all in an instant.

If you have any tips gleaned from your own experiences of eSports betting, let us know in the comments below. 

Posted by Arron Dellosa